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Closed Berlin-Tempelhof Airport

Famous Berlin-Tempelof airport was closed down a few years ago and has been opened to the public since. It is a great place for skaters, bikers and model pilots as well. Nature slowly is finding its way back and recaptures runways and the tarmac as well. Great sunset are for free!

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SWISS Boeing 777 Fly-by at Zurich Airport

Today the first recently ordered Boeing 777 arrived at Zurich Airport. Before landing it was joined by two Swiss Airforce FA18 military jets and the did a fly-by across the airport an the city of Zurich. Thanks Sarah for the great shots!

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Airport Views

Flying from Zurich to Berlin today, I decided to go early to the airport, do some work on my MacBook and enjoy the spectacular views from their airport lounge.
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Flying from Munich to the Stratosphere

The Consulate General of Switzerland in Munich launched a weather balloon from its rooftop terrace. Equipped with two GoPro cameras, a GPS receiver and a transmitter for live pictures, it hit 120'000 feet. As far as we know, it was the first Consulate General ever officially opened in the stratosphere.
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Swiss architect Andreas Vogler constructed a miniature model of Solar Impulse to greet Betrand Piccard on his way to Hawaii. R2D2 actually is a USB-stick with two photos and some small secrets on board.
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The airspace surrounding the centre of Munich was closed by ATC for take-off.
Watch the official HD-video2015_07 Stratoflight Mùˆnchen

Cruising in a Zeppelin across Munich

I have been flying all kind of aircraft in my life. Flying a Zeppelin NT at 800 feet across Munich definitely has been a unique and great experience. Cruising along at 60km/h (35KIAS) at virtually no engine noise gives you an impression how traveling on airships in the 1930's must have felt like. Best of all: the windows can be opened in flight for taking pictures ! See here for some great arial photography.
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