What I do

I help companies achieve their unique and ideal organization culture. I substantially improve their economic performance.

Fabian Osterwalder

What I am good at

My success is based on successfully establishing unique organizational cultures in companies, government bodies and non-profit organizations.

I build, restructure and digitize companies and organizations. I specialize in new work, remote working environments and holistic leadership mindsets.

I assist companies develop their business models and their value propositions.

I love to share my know-how at leadership workshops.


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How I work

I am a catalyst and I naturally know how to turn ideas and thoughts into action. I do things now, rather than simply talk about them. My energy can be contagious and engaging.


I am adept at dealing with problems and good at figuring out what is wrong and resolving it. I love to solve problems. My ability to analyze a situation, identify potential shortcomings and modify as needed makes me powerful in times of difficulty and crisis. I seek to understand things that most people do not comprehend. I want to make things better tomorrow than they were today. By nature, I enjoy pondering what I can revise, correct, renovate, upgrade, or relocate. When I am curious about a person, event, topic, project, activity, or idea, I devote much energy and time to studying it. Because I enjoy looking at the world from different perspectives, I am a powerful and creative brainstorming partner. I find it easy to put my thoughts into words and I am a good conversationalist and presenter.

About Me

Because of my strengths, I usually welcome a wide array of people into my life. Instinctively, I derive much joy from teaming with people to accomplish things. I view work, study, and play as opportunities to socialize and be productive. I recognize and cultivate the potential in others. My ability to accept people without judgment fosters tolerance and open-mindedness.

Fabian Osterwalder

Ideation and Futuristic

I am fascinated by ideas and I am able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena. My mind allows me to venture beyond the commonplace, the familiar, or the obvious. I entertain ideas about the best ways to reach a goal, increase productivity, or solve a problem. Instinctively, I routinely imagine what can be done better. I envision in vivid detail the things that need to be enhanced and perfected. I have contagious optimism and an infectious energy and enthusiasm. I have faith in the links among all things. I believe there are few coincidences and that almost every event has meaning. I build bridges between people and groups. I help others find meaning by looking at the bigger picture of the world around them, and I give them a sense of comfort and stability in the face of uncertainty.  

Professional Background

Born and raised in Switzerland, I natively (or equivalent) speak German, French, Italian and English. After my Visual Art Studies in Australia, I spent most of my professional life on various continents. Up to 2015 I worked for the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affaires. My wide range of activities included procurement and humanitarian missions and since 2001 mostly restructuring projects. In 2016 I went back to the private sector. As an entrepreneur, business creator and certified coach (occupational culture and health) I am based in Berlin/Germany. 

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My Clifton Strengths

1. Ideation 2. Futuristic 3. Connectedness 4. Includer
5. Restorative 6. Intellection 7. Developer 8. Positivity
9. Communication 10. Activator

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Personal Interest

Being a private pilot and aviation enthusiast, I can’t be without flying high. On the ground, I am very much into art, photography to be precise. I adore paintings, museums and Italian opera. As I love to deeply dive into things, scuba diving obviously fascinates me.